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Re: Comments on CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol by Anonymous (not logged in) on April 23, 2016 @22:34
I have gotten 2 of these back packs with the small pack that came with it . the ferst 1 I got some time leat 2015 fore me and the other 1 for my fother erley this year 2016. both packs are in good shaep and u.s. ishyou . my dads small pack all so good shaep and u.s. ishyou and even had the solgers name on it. my small pack is in good standing order but I got gept on it and got the nock off naw I still would be ok with it but wen I got 2 good size camp pillows for me and dad wen he put his pillow in his small pack it fit fine and thay are a little over size but his after all is mill speck , for me not so much all most did not fit and the zipper is bad qwallaty and cud not zip it shut and zipper on nock off all most came a part so tuck a little doing and fikst the zipper shuvd the pillow in the small bag and had to leave it unzip . I still reckamend the west cost bast site on price and most part qwalaty but you my have a 50/50 chans at getting a parshel pees of nock off gear. and 1 other thing cude have a beter costomer notis on p.c. saying your order went throw and beter costomer saport on e-mails so I`m not leaft in the breez wondering if it went throw or not but I well say this from CA to CT shiping is fast 1 week`s time good by me.