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Re: Comments on CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Bac by Mark on April 13, 2008 @07:31
i bought the cfp-90 from loadup about a year ago and was very pleased. the condition was good and my cat likes to sleep inside of it. it fits about 3-4 cats they love it. i got it with the combat patrol pack. that combonation can rarely be found at this price unless manufactured by non military supplier. ive looked and the only backpack this big is by camelback at 7000in2, the cfp-90 by itself is 6800 and with the combat patrol pack is 8000in2. i bought a bladder which i intend to attach or store in the combat patrol pack. the combat patrol pack is slightly uncomfortable due to the small width. but its light and big and will last forever. mine came with no holes, but faded colors compared to my uncles which was issued to him. he uses alice clips to attach other molle items.