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Wrist Slingshot

Wrist Slingshot
This Slingshot is the most popular slingshot here. This slingshot model has a folding wrist brace for increased power. In short, if Accuracy, Speed and Power matter to you, then this slingshot is definitely your choice!

Features include:
  • Folding wrist brace for easy storage
  • 4 Free ball shot!
  • Holds 3/8, 1/4, 1/2 inch shot
  • If Accuracy, Speed and Power matter to you, then this model is for you

  • * State laws prohibit us from shipping or selling slingshots to residents of Massachusetts.

    Country of Origin: China
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    Price: $7.88
    Comments on Wrist Slingshot

    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by David on February 22, 2007 @11:01
    I bought this slingshot about a month ago, it arrived within 2 days of shipping, its so powerful and accurate, i go out hunting regularly and its fun just to shoot at birds while your waiting (i go out deer and bear hunting) so 5 out of 5 stars, it rocks! This isn't the name brand wrist rocket.
    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by Buck on April 5, 2007 @10:34
    Looks great, easy to use. Well constructed. Bands seem to be lasting thru a few hundred shots.

    When I think of a slingshot,I think of knocking out a giant. Not with this one though, I bought 1/2" glass and 3/8" steel shot to test with at different ranges. They say "High velocity" I don't think so. Paintballs hurt more then these when they hit you. Shooting at 5 yards at empty Coke cans with either 1/2 or 3/8 just knocks them off. Some times you get a good dent. I was thinking more like going thru them would be cool, disappointing performance.

    Overall It's a nice toy even though it can be dangerous (Shots ricochet back a lot. Eye protection a must). I would of defidently given more stars if it would of punched a hole in a few cans.

    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by David on July 21, 2007 @15:00
    I got into a lot of trouble in my younger days with these wrist rocket things. It is a cheap, yet effective weapon/toy but you have to watch out for wear and tear after awhile. After repeated usage the rubber tips connecting to the handle are apt to break on you when you least expect it and snap you in the face.
    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by Chilean on December 20, 2007 @20:12
    A grown up mans toy, so fun to use, and a good relaxing hobbie. Good quality for the price. Buy it.
    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by Paul on January 10, 2008 @18:46
    The title pretty much says it all, the slingshot is very accurate and powerful. It was a fantastic deal and was a great money saver.
    The slingshot came in perfect condition in two full days before the estimated arrival! I am very happy with the product and will definitely order from this vendor again.
    Re: Comments on Wrist Slingshot by Sandy on April 22, 2008 @17:52
    A slingshot (also sometimes called a catapult, shanghai, or katty), is a small hand-powered projectile weapon. A forked Y-shaped frame has two rubber strips attached to the uprights, leading back to a pocket for holding the projectile.

    Slingshots may also be used in recreational paintball games as backup or silent sniper weapons. Slingshot paintball. Even though the average speed and distance of a slingshot is slightly less than that of a paintball gun, slingshot has the ability to shoot almost silently.

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