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US GI Alice LC2 Medium Backpack (Olive)

US GI Alice LC2 Medium Backpack (Olive)
These are packs the military no longer wanted. We have repaired them into usable condition again, they are by no means new though. If you want a worn in tuff day pack this is it. Made of water resistant nylon and reinforced with nylon webbing, it's light and durable. Top flap is easy access, Velcro compartment. Main compartment: 20 x 14 x 6.5 inches. Three front compartments: 10 x 5 x 3 inches. Padded shoulder straps with quick release system.
Functions with or without frame. Frame avaiable for heavier loads.
Origin: USA
Weight 6 lbs.
Condition: ALICE Pack-Good/Used with LC2 Shoulder Straps
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Comments on US GI Alice LC2 Medium Backpack (Olive)

Re: Comments on Alice LC2 Medium Pack (Olive) by The General on February 9, 2003 @12:03
IMHO the ultimate military style backpack in the world. If you can't afford or don't like the newest MOLLE gear, this is the backpack for you. I own one in size large with the metal frame and I have never once regretted buying it. Only the MOLLE system beats it.
Re: Comments on Alice LC2 Medium Pack (Olive) by LT R on December 5, 2007 @20:41
I recommend these mlitary issues type over the imported copies. I have tried ten ALICE packs over the years, all imported copies of this military one, and all have failed. The military issued packs uses a nylon that holds up good against sun and sweat, and it doesn't unravel if a holes starts. It would be great to find a new condition pack, but understand the military need to use them before letting the public have them. I laid the last one to rest after ten years, this one looks like it's going to last just as long. Thank you.
Re: Comments on Alice LC2 Medium Pack (Olive) by jeff r on October 8, 2008 @06:30
used this for years with the army infantry. did a few tours in iraq, lots of use and abuse around ft hood tx, and still stood the test of time. there are more comfortable and reliable out there(tac tailor, ranger joes) but this did me just fine. well worth 35 dollars.
Re: Comments on Alice LC2 Medium Pack (Olive) by Wally D on January 8, 2009 @09:05
The Alice pack is awesome. I am currently a ground pounding infantryman in the Corps and the MOLLE system is flimsy, loose, falls apart, and is far too bulky with all of the weight on your shoulders. With the ALICE pack, the frame distributes that weight and uses your legs, not your shoulders. The pack also has multiple pouches, vice the MOLLEs one pouch and can be easily modified to add pouces, straps and size at your local general store. A must have for the field.

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