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US Mil. Bata Bunny Boots White NEW

US Mil. Bata Bunny Boots White NEW

FOUND! Limited supply of GENUINE, U.S. Mil. Bunny Boots. These are the ones that keep our troops' feet warm in the Arctic subzero temperatures!
Rated to -60F!

Our government buys these Boots for $200.00 a pop. These are the world famous "Bunny Boots"... 100% rubber inside and out, with two thick layer of wool insulation all around and underfoot plus... an insulating air pocket... all three sandwiched between the layers of rubber. These babies will keep your feet warm all day on a deer stand, in a blind or on the ice.

NADIC lab spec rate these white military "Bunny" boots good down to -60 degrees F. Customers rate them good down to -50 degrees F for about six hours.

If your feet sweat, or if icy water gets in over the top, your foot heat will quickly warm the water and your feet still won't get cold. Rugged nylon laces go thru the second eyelet twice to lock your foot in place. Gussetted tongue keeps snow out and a heel wedge accepts ski or snowshoe bindings and doubles as a kick-off wedge. The interior is nylon lined for easy on and off. Has high-traction soles and heels and double-thick rubber in all wear areas. Built-in air valve pressurizes the Boot when our tropps are airborne. Stand 11 1/2", weigh 53 ozs.

Traditionally the "Bunny" boot is white and the "Mickey" boot is black. They differ in temperature rating.

State Width: medium or wide; and Full Size, as available in the Shopping Cart below. Half sizes, order next larger full size. Ladies: order 2 sizes smaller than your normal ladies size.

Condition: brand new, never issued. No marks, original manufacurers box. Factory direct.

Order ONLINE now... these won't last long!

!!! Limited Quantities !!!

US Mil. Bunny Boots White (New)

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Comments on US Mil. Bata Bunny Boots White NEW

Re: Comments on US Mil. Bata Bunny Boots White NEW by Anonymous (not logged in) on December 4, 2007 @00:32
I am a winter bicyclist in Alaska .. use studded tires on my bike to prevent slippage and have used the type 1 Mickey Boot or the black ones for quite a few years now. They are most excellent and good for approx 4 hours at -20. I use heat packs that when exposed to air heat up and put them under the toes... I find they keep my feet warm up to fourteen hours without change of socks in subzero weather... I prefer the black boots as they are smaller in size and easier to ride with than the white ones (lighter too). I ride between 14-30 miles daily and have done this the last twenty nine years... there is not another boot that matches or exceeds these type of boots for cold weather and with the heat packs the time factor is greatly increased. Uniroyal's Red Ball Boots when they made them were much smaller and lighter and worked well too.. with heat packs you could spend extended periods of time outside.. but the military decided to stay with the Bunny Boots.. which are most certainly more durable than the Uniroyal Boot.. the Bunny Boots will last your lifetime and are nearly indestructible
Re: Comments on US Mil. Bunny Boots White NEW by Anonymous (not logged in) on November 20, 2003 @16:39
The bunny boots are still standard issue for U.S. soldiers stationed in cold weather environments. I used them a bunch during the three winters that I was stationed at Fort Wainwright. They work exceptionally well, but you must plan for moisture control since they do not breathe at all. Changing socks is probably the best method but I also used a small wash cloth to wipe the insides of the boots out at midday and also before going to bed. I only experienced one case of frost bite in my battalion in three years and it could have been avoided by changing socks more often (the soldier tried to tough it out)- we dried our socks out by hanging them inside our gortex parkas. We also tried to limit the perspiration by maintaining a steady pace during our movements. The faster you move, the harder you work, the more sweat you produce...

The difference in the black and white boots (according to the NADIC lab specs) are the temperature ratings. The black ones are supposedly good down to -10 F or so and the whites are for temps down to -60 F (person dependant though).

Also the valve on the side of the boot is for airborne operations - to let the vapor barrier expand and contract as the aircraft's elevation changes. Some folks blow or fill the vapor barrier with air and then seal the valve. This may seem like a good idea, but the air or breathe contains moisture that will freeze which will only hurt the insulative qualities of the boot. We were instructed to just close the valve and leave it alone (no inflation).

John P.

Re: Comments on US Mil. Bata Bunny Boots White NEW by Robin on March 3, 2004 @10:29
In the mid 70's I used mine all over AK with 4/23 and USAATC. The white boots are very warm but can get uncomfortable. The design of the top of the boot ensures chafing. You MUST use good socks with these boots; it also helps to keep a supply of moleskin handy.

My feet stayed warm when temps dropped below -50.

It's best to use military bindings for skii's/snowshoes due to the large size of these boots.

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