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Backcountry 3 - Entrenching Tool

Backcountry 3 - Entrenching Tool

German military extra heavy-duty entrenching tool, used to dig foxholes, combines a shovel, hoe and pick into one tool. Made of heavy gauge steel it will take a beating (unlike the fragile Tri-fold shovels and most commercial shovels). The hard-wood handle has been buffed for easy handling and weather resistance. Now you can use it to build a campfire ring, dig a latrine or work in the garden. Its a compact, fold-down shovel that is easy to pack or put behind the truck seat and take everywhere. Locks in 4 positions, straight for general digging, 90 degrees for use as a hoe or put the pick straight or at 90 degrees also.

You can also pull out the pick spide and the shovel blade both at 90 degree angles to make a make-shift stool. Not as comforable as a real stool, but better than squatting on your heals.

Measures: 17 1/2 inches closed or pick 90 degree angled, 25 inches shovel open, pick 4 inch.
Weight: 3 1/2 lbs.
Condition: Very Good
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Price: $19.88
Comments on Backcountry 3 - Entrenching Tool

Re: Comments on Backcountry 3 - Entrenching Tool by Anonymous (not logged in) on October 14, 2003 @00:32
Wonderfull!!! Thank-You! I love my shovel/make shift chair.
Re: Comments on Backcountry 3 - Entrenching Tool by John on April 30, 2004 @08:35
Nice tool, will be great for my scout troop. Well made, and I am sure will survive boys 11 to 17. Needs to be tough or this bunch.

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