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12-PACKS of Trioxane Solid Fuel (36 Bars)

12-PACKS of Trioxane Solid Fuel (36 Bars)
PACK OF 12 boxes of fuel bars. A very stable solid fuel and has an almost infinite shelf life. The military use's them as meal warmers. It burns steady with a hot, smokeless blue flame that can be used to warm hands and food, start a fire in windy conditions or with rain-wet wood. These fuel bars are a great asset for campers especially in cold and wet weather. Makes fire starting a snap with just one flit strike or touch with at match. Each bar burns for 5 to 7 minutes as whole peice. Best if bar broken into three peices and add the smaller peice in 2 1/2 minture intervals to keep steady flame for 11 minutes. Each box has 3 bars, which are individually foil sealed for safety and protection.
PACK of 12 Boxes (36 Bars).
Measures: Each bar (3-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 3/8", 31 grams)
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Re: Comments on 12-PACKS of Trioxane Solid Fuel (36 Bars) by on March 7, 2006 @01:43
Obviously ignitions from something like traditional lighters and matches to the more superior and trustworthy versions of wind-proof/waterproof matches and lighters are a luxury if you possess them, use them intelligently, and preserve (added benefit) also conserve judiciously. Going this path, I highly urge people to go the Stormproof Matches method while incorporating the means of one of the best little fuel items for fire starting you can carry with you - Compressed Trioxane. This stuff is a stable, solid fuel contained in secure, individual and waterproofed heavy-duty aluminum foil packaging. The Stormproof Matches are more reliable than any of those fancy lighters and pack a hotter detonation that will discharge like a faultless primer for effort-free Compressed Trioxane ignition. Be aware that Compressed Trioxane will glow searing hot & even (no flare- ups) with a smokeless bluish flame right from get go and be only faintly visible. One pack the size and weight of twin tea bags will burn about 10 minutes regardless of conditions and will combust at such a high temp that it will get wet wood eventually going. I should say in addition, Compressed Trioxane fuel contains Metaformaldehyde and it is poisonous. Dont mistake it for a candy bar or let it get mixed up w/ foods.

Lastly, I will relate that the most flourishing firebugs in the wilderness are creative!!!

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