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Army Cotton ECW Mittens w/Inserts OD

USGI MILITARY Army Arctic ECW Mittens w/nylon insert liners

Military Issued Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Army warming gloves. Optionally layerable with multiple quilted nylon insulated inserts. Durable leather palm, cotton gauntlet and wool pile back hand. Removeable inner nylon liner with snaps. The back hand wool pile facing is used to warm cheeks and nose. The nylon liner can be removeable for quick drying or replacement. Great for snowmobiling, ice fishing or any other cold weather activity.

  • Cotton outer shroud cuff
  • Leather palm for durability
  • Nylon inner liner
  • 2 cinch ties for fit
  • Removable nylon liner for quick drying or replacement
  • Army Mitten Set, ECW
    Small (fits most adult females)
    Medium (fits most adult males)
    Large (fits tall adult males)
    Condition: Used, Very Good.

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