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.50 cal. Steel Ammo Can (12 Pack)

.50 cal. Steel Ammo Can (12 Pack)

Original US Military surplus small arms ammunition cans used by our troops to transport a variety of calibers of ammunition/ordinance/tracers. Standard .50 cal size. Steel construction with removable lid and gasket seal. Folding flat top handle for carrying, lever-latch lid. These are ideal for storing ammunition, and geocaching. Stackable. Minor surface rust on some due to long-term storage. A little WD-40 makes 'em look great. Satisfaction guaranteed. Lidded and empty.

Regular 50 caliber measures approx: 11.8 Length x 6 Width x 7.3 Height (each can holds 100 cartridges 50 caliber)

!!! Limited Quantities !!!

Ammo can's are referenced/named/sold by the size of the can, not labeling. We can not select by labeling. For example "50 Caliber" is the size of the ammo can, not how it is labeled. Ammo Can labeling does vary. The can may be labeld, but isn't not limit to: 50 cal, 5.56mm, caliber, caps, tracer, blanks, explosives, ordinance. The label may be painted over with any color of spray paint to hide the label (Black, Red, White, Olive being popular colors). They may have been relabeled or marked with a pen. There may be duct tape on the can.

Because of shipping weight restrictions, this item can only be shipped to Western States. Other States can order the six-pack or idividual can's.

CONDITION: Used, Very Good

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Comments on .50 cal. Steel Ammo Can (12 Pack)

Re: Comments on .50 cal. Steel Ammo Can (12 Pack) by Louis on May 3, 2009 @13:55
Excellent deal and cans. They were shipped securely and quickly. At first look they were dirty, but they cleaned up are are 90% perfect cosmetically. The seal were perfect.
With the prices of these things today, I couldn't be happier....

Posted 05-02-09 They went up $20 in price, still a good price out here and are out of stock, bummer!

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