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CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol

CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol
CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol
Field Pack
  • CFP-90 military issue field pack
  • Straps with quick release
  • Removable aluminum staves for rigid construction
  • Adjustable side compression bags and belts
  • Material : Nylon Cordura
  • Compression straps
  • 66см Х 33см Х 23см
  • NSN: 8465-01-286-5356
  • Condition: Refurbished, Good. Some sewing.

  • The field pack or Combat Field Pack M-1990 [ CFP-90 ], is constructed of an 8.0 ounce backcoated nylon Cordura fabric printed in the woodland camouflage pattern which has excellent abrasion resistance and water repellency. The weight of the empty field pack is about 8 pounds. The field pack has two major sections; the sleeping bag compartment, and the main compartment. The main compartment has a false bottom that may be opened for full use of the field pack when a sleeping bag is not carried. The outside of the field pack has one long tunneled pocket and two smaller cargo pockets, all using compression straps for securing contents. Equipment attachment points in the form of 2 1/4 inch [ 5.71 cm ] webbing and 1 inch [ 2.54 cm ] webbing loops are located throughout the field pack.

    The internal frame comprises two aluminum staves running the full height of the field pack. The staves are removable. The suspension system is adjustable allowing the user to position the field pack where it is most comfortable (The pastic height adjuster is sometimes removed during refurbishing and sewn in a fixed height position). The field pack has lower back padding as well as an extended lumbar support pad and the shoulder pads are made of bi-laminate foam. A softer, open cell foam is against the body for comfort followed by a stiffer closed cell foam for stability and good recovery after compression.

    Two strap assemblies with quick release buckles allow for the attachment of the combat patrol pack atop the field pack when both packs are used together. When used in combination with either the ammunition carrying or tactical load-carrying vests, the field pack shoulder pads are worn over those of the vest, where they are retained by two one inch [ 2.54 cm ] pieces of webbing.

    optional Combat Patrol Pack

  • NSN: 8465-01-287-8128
  • Condition: Refurbished, Very Good

  • The combat patrol pack is designed for short missions and offers 1200 cubic inches of cargo space in two compartments. The main compartment is padded to protect the back from heavy, sharp items. The main compartment incorporates two tiedown straps that can be used to stabilize equipment such as a field radio. The combat patrol pack has a separate shoulder harness. When used in combination with either the ammunition carrying or tactical load-carrying vests, the combat patrol pack shoulder pads are worn over the vest shoulder pads, and retained for stability by two one inch [2.54 cm] pieces of webbing. The combat patrol pack can also be used in conjunction with the field pack.

    The Individual Integrated Fighting System or IIFS was introduced in 1988 as a possible replacement for the All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment in United States Army service. The IIFS continues to serve the United States Army to date, even though it is to be replaced by the Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment or MOLLE system. The Field Pack [NSN 8465-01-286-5356] and optional Combat Patrol Pack [NSN 8465-01-287-8128] are the "Existence Load Components" of the "Individual Integrated Fighting System". Serveral other components of the IIFS system exsist under the "Fighting Load Components" category.


    CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol
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    Comments on CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol

    Re: Comments on CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Bac by Mark on April 13, 2008 @07:31
    i bought the cfp-90 from loadup about a year ago and was very pleased. the condition was good and my cat likes to sleep inside of it. it fits about 3-4 cats they love it. i got it with the combat patrol pack. that combonation can rarely be found at this price unless manufactured by non military supplier. ive looked and the only backpack this big is by camelback at 7000in2, the cfp-90 by itself is 6800 and with the combat patrol pack is 8000in2. i bought a bladder which i intend to attach or store in the combat patrol pack. the combat patrol pack is slightly uncomfortable due to the small width. but its light and big and will last forever. mine came with no holes, but faded colors compared to my uncles which was issued to him. he uses alice clips to attach other molle items.
    Re: Comments on CFP 90 Military Woodland Field Backpack and Patrol by Anonymous (not logged in) on April 23, 2016 @22:34
    I have gotten 2 of these back packs with the small pack that came with it . the ferst 1 I got some time leat 2015 fore me and the other 1 for my fother erley this year 2016. both packs are in good shaep and u.s. ishyou . my dads small pack all so good shaep and u.s. ishyou and even had the solgers name on it. my small pack is in good standing order but I got gept on it and got the nock off naw I still would be ok with it but wen I got 2 good size camp pillows for me and dad wen he put his pillow in his small pack it fit fine and thay are a little over size but his after all is mill speck , for me not so much all most did not fit and the zipper is bad qwallaty and cud not zip it shut and zipper on nock off all most came a part so tuck a little doing and fikst the zipper shuvd the pillow in the small bag and had to leave it unzip . I still reckamend the west cost bast site on price and most part qwalaty but you my have a 50/50 chans at getting a parshel pees of nock off gear. and 1 other thing cude have a beter costomer notis on p.c. saying your order went throw and beter costomer saport on e-mails so I`m not leaft in the breez wondering if it went throw or not but I well say this from CA to CT shiping is fast 1 week`s time good by me.

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