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SECOND CHANCE-SFL/SPA Vest and Trama Plate (Level IIA) Mens

SECOND CHANCE-SFL/SPA Vest and Trama Plate (Level IIA) Mens
SECOND CHANCE-SFL/SPA Vest and Trama Plate (Level IIA) Mens

Personal body armor engineered to meet US NIJS protection level IIA ( .357 Mag. 158 gr Jacketed Soft Point 1250 f/s, 9 mm 124 gr. Full Metal Jacket 1090 f/s). Concealable body armor for everyday wear, designed to protect against low- and medium- energy handguns. Ballistic vests of KEVLAR have also exhibited some protection during shotgun pelet and slasing knife attacks, auto accidents, falls, motorcycle spins, fires, explosions, etc.

Ballistic System: SUPERfeatherlite. Third generation vest wearability just got better! Featuring Twaron T-2000 Microfilament! Second Chance registers more saves every year than any Twaron Products has developed and patented a 3rd generation Twaron fiber almost identical to the competition except for one important difference. Each Twaron T-2000 Microfilament fiber has almost twice as many thinner, finer filaments. Softer, more wearable body armor results! Second Chance has combined 4th generation patented Butterfly Lite™ fabrication technology with improved Twaron T-2000 Microfilament fibers to give you more wearable 3rd generation vests! SC229 ballistic armor.

Carrier: The Four-Point-Adjustable carrier is constructed of polycotton material away from the body and Climatron-EMS next to the body for comfort. This dual combination of materials offers the wearer the utmost in comfort and durability even before the technology of ballistic fabric comes into play.

The male SPA carrier has four points of adjustment to offer the wearer the maximum in comfort adjustment at both the shoulders and across the lower chest and stomach. Each four-point-adjustable carrier has a standard two-plate size pocket system, 7"x10" and 5" x 8". The SPA can be used as a carrier system for all NIJ threat levels and all Second Chance models of ballistic coverage from SC229 to MONARCH to Ultima.

  • level IIA (.357 and 9 mm)
  • LST Aramid Wrapped 5 x 8 Trauma Plate
  • Lightweight/concealable
  • Sizes Available: Large
  • Brand: Second Chance.
  • Condition: Almost New, never issued.
  • !!! Limited Quantities !!!

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