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MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Case of Sure Pak 12 Meals

MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Case of Sure Pak 12 Meals

CROWN POINTS SURE PAK 12 MRE's (Meals, Ready to Eat). This case contains 12 individually pack, water proof meal bags. This case contains 6 different main entrees(12 total main entrees), 12 side dishes, 12 side dishes(apple sauce, diced peaches or other), 12 desert packs, 12 cracker pack(8 squares), 12 spreads for cracker pack(jelly or other), 12 beverage powders, 12 coffees, 12 accessory packs(creamer, sugar, salt, napkin, wet nap and a spoon). Each meal is individually wrapped in Military water tight plastic bags (shown). Estimated shelf life is 10 years when kept under 60 degrees, less in warmer temps(do not freeze). Great for camping, hunting, fishing and emergencies.

Main entries combinations are chosen at random.

Condition: NEW

*The Main Entrees used in our MRE meal cases change frequently. The 6 menu types in your case (2 each of 6 menu types) may vary in whole or in part from the items listed above. The range of Main Entree types include:
Grilled Chicken Breast
Meatloaf w/Gravy

Beef with Mushrooms
Chicken with Cavatelli
Pork with Rice in BBQ
Chili with Macaroni
Jamaican Pork Chop
Beef Stew
Western Beans
Pasta with Vegetables
Cheese Tortellini
Red Beans with Rice
Tuna with Noodles
Corned Beef Hash or other

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